Illuminating health paths

& Support

Réalta exists to illuminate health paths. As well as advice, mentoring and support for artists and healthcare professionals involved in arts and health practice, we host regular Continuous Professional Development talks and workshops. And provide opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through networking and events.

CUCI 2018

Sector Development

As the national body for arts and health in Ireland, our goal is to increase and improve awareness of the value of arts and health, and advocate for the sector’s development. In particular, we will inform/engage with government, policymakers and funders to ensure wider arts and health policy adoption and more effective local funding of its practice.

Inspiring practice

Inspiring Practice

We are honoured to showcase and inspire arts and health practice through our ongoing management of the pioneering Waterford Healing Arts and the comprehensive, our incredible resource website, packed with fresh ideas, examples and insights from Ireland and overseas.