Advice & Support

Réalta’s Advice Clinics

Réalta is committed to providing advice and support to arts and health practitioners throughout Ireland, to assist the professional development of arts practice in healthcare contexts

Réalta offers advisory support to artists, healthcare professionals, arts and health managers and organisations, either by phone, Zoom or in-person at the Réalta Centre for Arts and Health at University Hospital Waterford.

The brief

The content of each session is tailored to the needs of the individual arts and health practitioner or organisation, and is guided by a pre-meeting brief (by phone or email) where the advisee outlines what they are seeking advice about. This gives the team the opportunity to prepare some thoughts in advance.

Examples can include guidance around project planning, good practice, methods of evaluation or documentation and gathering key information on sources of support, funding and potential partners.

Scheduling an Advice Clinic

Online advice clinics are run by the Réalta team on the last Friday of every month. These clinics are designed for emerging artists, healthcare professionals, community organisations, local authorities and established artists developing arts and health practice. If you wish to book an advice clinic please contact:


Arts & Health Practice

It’s important to clarify that arts and health practice in Ireland refers to non-clinical arts initiatives led by professional artists. Arts and Health includes arts participation (where an artist collaborates with health service users or staff in creating work), receptive arts engagement (e.g. concerts, performances, screenings) and environmental enhancement (e.g. art collections, exhibitions, public art commissions). Arts Therapy is a separate area of practice led by trained arts therapists. If you are interested in learning more about arts therapies, visit the website of the Irish Association of Creative Art Therapists. Please also see